Privacy Policy

Privacy of our customers is an important issue. The policy below outlines the measures we practice on If you have any concerns or questions, please contact our web development firm.

Visitor Tracking

We collect unidentifiable information about visitors when the connect to our webserver. This information includes data about your internet browser, operating system and internet connection. This informations allows us to better customized our website to reflect the average visitors configuration to increase compatibility.
The information collected is never associated to any identifiable information related to the visitor it originated from.

Location Logging & Resolving

We do log and record the City, Province/State and country of visitors. However we only log the instance. We do not index each instance with the parent IP of the connecte user, thus annonymity is respected. This information is used to help us create region specific content.

Data Collection

Any user information requested on the site will not be stored on the web server. Instead, it is sent directly to Beneath Your Feet's offices.

Removal of Information

We do not offer any removal service of visitor tracking data. This task would be impossible, as the information we collect is not indexed by any identifiable data, and therefore it is impossible to isolate a given visitor's logged data.

Removal of customer information should be directed to Beneath Your Feet's offices.

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